Say your SafeWord.

Feeling unsafe? Discreetly say your SafeWord to trigger Alexa, SMS for help, and record audio and video of your surroundings.

How does SafeWord work?

Safeword is a new approach to home security. With the simple activation of a custom phrase, Safeword automatically begins video and audio recording while sending out requests for help.

  1. 1. Set your personal
    secure phrase
  2. 2. Activate
  3. 3. Get help and store
    video backups

Possible Applications

  • Domestic Abuse Prevention
  • Assistance for the Elderly
  • Persistent Campus Security
  • Safety for your Family


  • Automated Recording
  • Cloud Video Storage
  • Send Requests for Help
  • Motion Detection Activation

How do I activate my SafeWord?

Emergency Record Video

When you're feeling unsafe, starts recording video and audio.
Sends an SMS message to your emergency contact.
Uploads videos to the cloud for secure storage, available for review on your dashboard.

  1. Say:
    "Safe Start"

When Leaving Home

Turns on motion detection recording.

  1. Say:
    "Safe Lock Up"
  2. Or:
    "Safe Secure"

When Arriving Home

Turns off motion detection recording.
Uploads all captured motion to the cloud, accessible from your dashboard.

  1. Say:
    "Safe Unlock"
  2. Or:
    "Safe I'm Home"